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Looking for an experienced landscaping Wellington crew? Turn your garden into a fairytale dream with expert landscapers. We are team of landscape contractor specializing garden designing, landscaping, and paving. We pride ourselves with a professional team, including landscape architects and engineers, exterior designers, and construction experts who take on jobs of all sizes.

​Landscaping Wellington provides high quality landscape services at a much cheaper rate. Get the best value for your money with sublime landscape designs for all areas of your home. Whether you need landscaping for your front lawn, backyard, or indoor garden, we’ve got you covered.
Our Wellington team will visit your property, plan your dream garden, and work with the agreed design. 

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We offer great workmanship and high-quality works at a fraction of cost charged by other companies. Our projects have always topped competitions and won rave reviews throughout Wellington. This is because we always make it a habit to discuss goals, budget, and timeline with our clients. We measure quality based on nationally regulated rules and standards and customer feedback. Our finish product is a beautiful, perfect landscaped garden of your dreams. 


Anyone can call themselves landscapers. But our landscapers have educational background in landscaping and have gone through rigid training in garden architecture, engineering, and design. Through this we can provide professional landscaping services in Wellington. Our team of landscapers are creative, courteous, and above all a good communicator. We proactively engage our clients throughout the process, making sure the result is what you wanted from the start.

 Artistic & Creative

Landscape designing is a major passion of our team.  We’re not only artistic but also creative. We take inspiration from national and international works, and infuse our original ideas. But we also cater to homeowner’s requests. We can turn your dull corner into your favourite part of the home. Whether you need a garden makeover or just starting to beautify your front yard, we’ve got you covered. Call us if you need a trusted landscaper in Wellington. We’ll be there for your project on time

Seasoned, Trained, & Ready to Create a Beautifully Landscaped Garden for Your Home

Everything is executed as planned. Whether you already have a design in mind, or you let us design your garden, rest assured that everything will be executed as planned. We value your decisions.
Prompt landscape completion. We get the job done quick. All landscape projects are 100% done within the agreed time frame and just in time for your home event. Just wait for the outcome. Once we have agreed on the price, we will start work right away. 

Design: Wellington Landscape Design

Select from a variety of designs from our portfolio. Whether you want a paved garden, a minimalist landscape, or brick and block garden, we’ve got you covered.  We apply the best landscape design Wellington that will increase the value of your property.   

Landscaping: Landscaping Services Wellington

Transform your outdoor space with reimagined backyard. Arrange your flower garden and re-decorate your plants with expert landscapers from Wellington. Guaranteed affordable rate, great results, and beautiful landscaping ideas.

Garden: Wellington Gardening services

Elevate your garden and create a backyard retreat complete with a dining area or a gazebo. Hire us for a wonderful garden transformation and improve the curb appeal of your home. We waste no time to create highly admirable results.

​Paving:  Pavers Wellington

Need a beautiful yet low maintenance garden? Tidy up your garden without having to work for it with Pavers Wellington. We install pavers door driveways, patios, backyard gardens, and front yard spaces to make your home more beautiful. Prevent dirt from getting into your home’s interior in the most fashionable way. Contact us if you need pavers for your next garden project.

Landscaping ideas NZ

​Browse through our wide selection of landscaping ideas. Better yet contact Landscaping Wellington for a wonderful, fully rejuvenated garden. We are so excited to work with you!

decking wellington nz

Installing a deck is a great way to extend your living space. Whether you want a roof or open deck, we’ve got you covered.  With a decked exterior, you can enjoy both and outdoor and indoor flow for entertaining and enjoying the landscape.  Call us.

paving using bricks in wellington

Retaining Walls
Improve the structure of your garden. Use retaining walls for your bare slopes and turn them into beautiful terraces.  With great structure, retaining walls doesn’t just support your landscape but it also adds an extra appeal to your home. It makes your yard cleaner and neater.

plant shaping landscaping wellington nz

Paved courtyard
Planning to change your garden landscape? Extend your entertaining space, get of rid of muds and dust with a paved courtyard. We have 100+ options for a paved courtyard that can add great value and improve the aesthetic appeal of your garden. 

grass landscaping ideaz NZ

Artificial Grass
Want to build an artificial lawn? We can add handpicked grass to tidy up your garden. It is the simplest low maintenance solution especially for your backyard. Now you can enjoy an extended space and take pleasure in a green lawn. The best takeaway? The grass stays green even if you don’t water them. 

Residential Landscaping

Landscaping can increase the curb appeal of your home.  If you want a unique garden in your front yard or in your backyard, we can do it all for you. Our landscapers have practical experience and knowledge in landscaping, with an extensive range of management, speciality in horticulture, and consultancy.

Whether you need a simple or more complex job done for your garden, you can trust Landscaping Wellington to deliver a seamless result. We work in partnership with our clients to meet their objectives and provide the best landscaping outcome. Contact us if you need any of the following:

  • Raise vegetable gardens
  • Retaining walls
  • Courtyards
  • Paving
  • Brick and block work
  • Plants arrangement & procurement
  • Weed removal
  • Yard cleaning, grass cutting & plant shaping

Each home and its landscape should be a reflection of the people living in the home. Your landscape will create the first impression from your guests and. Our goal is to provide you with an attractively landscaped home to offer pleasure to the residents and improve value of the property.

Commercial Landscaping

Landscaping Wellington also provides commercial landscaping services. A well-designed and well-maintained landscape brings a lot of benefits to your commercial establishment. It strengthens the image of your business, attract new clients, and retaining existing clients. Commercial landscaping guarantees a better and sublime working environment for employees, which will provide more motivation for them to report to work and do their jobs better.

  • Garden beds
  • Border designs
  • Paved pathways
  • Hedges aisles and fountains
  • Wooden, brick, or concrete retaining walls
  • Plant shaping and plant care
  • Fence and building garden maintenance
  • Weed removal

Our Wellington based team can come to view your property, work with you to design and plan your dream garden. We can even suggest which plants best suit your garden. Contact us today. 

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Wellington Landscaping Masters is a popular landscaping expert in Wellington. We build landscaped gardens, trim trees, shape plants, and install retaining walls. Call us now.

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