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We provide professional paving construction services, including restoration, protection, and retaining walls in all cities of Wellington. As pioneering paving contractor in Welling and neighboring areas, we have mastered all tasks related to paving. Our professional contractors have expertise in paving for many years and have made various clients happy – and still counting.
 We also provide design tasks using modern computer-aided designs or traditional hand-drawn plans. Our skilled crew will take care of your plan and deliver you a beautiful paved garden. Simply put, we have everything you need for a wonderful paving project. Give us a call to get a free estimate. We’d be happy to offer you the finest solutions to your outdoor improvement projects.

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Brick pavers

Best for natural appeal and earthly feels. It fits perfectly for modern or medieval look. Brick materials evoke a heartwarming feeling that is truly irresistible to the eyes of your guests – and even you.


Concrete Pavers

The beauty of concrete pavers is truly timeless.  It’s long lasting, low maintenance, and safe for everyone. When installed correctly, concrete pavers can last for many years to come and can be enjoyed by next generations.


Natural Stone Pavers

Our top choice when it comes to aesthetics and appeal is the natural stone paver. It improves visuals and quality of your garden. Albeit requiring some monetary investment, natural stone pavers are absolutely long lasting and very durable. 

Where Can You Use Concrete Pavers?

As expert paving contractors in Wellington, we only recommend and use the highest quality pavers we can find.  Thanks to our long-standing partnership with trusted suppliers in the city. Choose from the following paving materials for your project. So, where can you use concrete pavers?

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Pavers are an excellent choice for walkways as they offer a stable and visually appealing surface for pedestrian traffic. The variety of shapes, sizes, and colors available allows for creative designs that complement the surrounding landscape. 

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In pathways, pavers serve to establish clear routes while seamlessly integrating with the natural surroundings. The durable nature of pavers ensures longevity, and their versatility allows for customization to suit the specific design preferences of the space.

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Pavers are a practical and visually appealing choice for driveways, offering a durable surface capable of withstanding vehicular traffic. The interlocking nature of pavers provides stability, reducing the risk of cracking compared to traditional concrete driveways.

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Pavers elevate outdoor living spaces by providing a solid foundation for patios. Their versatility in design, coupled with durability, allows for the creation of charming and functional patio areas.

The Best Paving Company You Can Hire in Wellington

With the right paving contractor by your side, you will have the best paved project in Wellington. Trust our expert pavers and leverage a seamless project process and great results. As one of the best concrete paving companies in Wellington, we have an impressive portfolio that includes some of the most visually captivating craftmanship. Thanks to our dedicated and highly passionate pavers. Give us call to get your free estimates now. 

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Malls & Hotels

Paved driveways provide a smooth entrance and exits for malls and hotels. Since pavements can be installed in different colors and designs, they can match any appeal that you want to draw for your commercial properties. There’s a hundred of design options when it comes to paving. Moreover, paving are great for walkways beside malls and hotels.

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Let your customers enjoy a magnificent view outside as they eat with our one-stop landscape solutions for restaurants. Thousands of pavement designs and materials to choose from. The versatility of paving allows for creative design options, enhancing the restaurant’s curb appeal and providing a durable, low-maintenance solution that withstands heavy foot traffic and complements various architectural styles

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Residential Properties

Paved driveways and pathways are essential for homes and commercial businesses as they contribute to a professional and polished aesthetic, creating a positive first impression for clients and customers. The durability of paved surfaces ensures longevity, minimizing the need for frequent repairs and reducing maintenance costs over time.

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Pavements are a excellent choice for church pathways and walkways, offering a combination of durability and aesthetic appeal. The versatility of paving materials allows for the creation of intricate designs or simple, elegant paths, enhancing the overall beauty of the church grounds. These pathways provide a safe and well-defined route for congregants, ensuring smooth traffic flow during events and gatherings. 

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Paved driveways and pathways are optimal choices for schools due to their durability and safety benefits. These surfaces provide a stable and even foundation, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring a secure environment for students and staff. Additionally, paved driveways facilitate smooth traffic flow, especially during busy drop-off and pick-up times, enhancing overall safety and efficiency. The

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Pavements play a crucial role in enhancing safety and accessibility in kids’ playgrounds by providing well-defined pathways and walkways. The use of durable paving materials ensures a stable and secure surface for children to navigate, reducing the risk of slips and falls. Additionally, pavements can contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of the playground, creating a visually engaging environment for young minds.