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Hire the best landscaping services Wellington. We are a team of professional landscape engineers and architects looking forward to elevate your home with a beautiful landscape project. If you need help with landscaping, whether it is a small or big project, do not hesitate to call us.
We will visit your property to discuss ideas, needs, and unique situations.  With your insights and requirements, we will come up with a design that truly reflects your ideals and imagination. We can do it as a one-time big-time project or a regular landscape maintenance.  Either way, we deliver work that perfectly suits your budget. 

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Modern Design
Modern designs have always been neater and cleaner with contemporary plants, green lawns, and paved pathways. 

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Rustic Design
We design landscape that reflect rustic feels such as adding wooden walls, trays, pots, and specialized decking. 

Minimalist Design
We can transform your landscape into a simple, minimalist garden that is still attractive and beautiful. 

The Most Stunning Landscape Designs in Wellington

Avail our on-site landscape design consultations or better yet, book a schedule so we can visit your property. Do you have a landscape plan already?

​We have a team of landscape experts to execute the plan for you. Otherwise, we will help you decorate and create a landscape plan for your garden. 

Trusted Landscaping Services in Wellington

  • We create and provide concept drawings
  • Experience in plant selection, advice, and sourcing
  • Sourcing and supply of sculpture, garden benches, and artefacts

We provide dedicated, approachable, relevant knowledge from the start of the consultation process through the construction to completion. Upon engagement, we will discuss what you wish to accomplish, what the critical issues involved in the landscaping process are, and what financial or time restraints will apply. All possible issues will be tackled beforehand to ensure you get the best possible outcome. We proactively engage with you throughout the execution process.  For a no obligation enquiry please give us a call and we will personally cater to your concern.

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